A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Short level made as part of a Unity & FMOD game audio course. Designed to be primarily an interactive audio showcase, but with a linear structure - make sure to closely inspect any floating objects!

Level was made using standard Unity assets and free asset packs from the Unity store. All sounds and music were created by me (except background wind, footsteps on metal and kids laughing; these were sourced from sound libraries).

Install instructions

Contains both Windows and Mac OSX builds. Download and extract the .zip folder, choose the right version for your platform and run the exe/app file.


Barren.zip 199 MB


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Thanks! :)

THIS GAME/SHOWCASE IS COOOL!! Well done mate. I had a lot of fun with this short game. I would like to see more. Especially if you can make something in the horror form. You definitely have a knack for good audio. I couldn't help but make a video of it for my channel. :)

Thanks for this little experience. I hope you got top marks in your course. :)

Oh wow - I wasn't expecting anyone to play this, let alone make a whole video on it! That's really cool :P I'm glad you liked it man, thank you for the kind words - keep up the good work on your channel!

you're super welcome,and thanks for the game. I'll keep making videos if you keep making cool stuff that I can put in them. 😉